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  • INTRA-STATE GST INVOICE (CGST and SGST) Intra-State supply of goods is when the location of the supplier and the place of supply are in the same state. The seller has to collect both CGST and SGST from the buyer.
  • INTER-STATE GST INVOICE (IGST) Inter-State supply of goods is when the location of the supplier and the place of supply are in different states. Also, in cases of export or import of goods or services or when the supply of goods or services is made to or by a SEZ unit, the transaction is assumed to be Inter-State. In an Inter-State transaction, a seller has to collect IGST from the buyer.
  • BILL OF SUPPLY INVOICE (BOS) A Bill of Supply is a document issued by GST Registered Businesses in place of a Tax Invoice. It is used by Composition Vendors and businesses dealing with Exempted Goods. A Bill of Supply is issued when GST is not applicable on a transaction or when GST is not to be recovered from the customer.
  • EXPORT GST INVOICE Export of goods from India attracts nil GST. If IGST is involved on any exports from India, the Export Invoice has to be reflected an endorsement as “Supply meant for Export on Payment of IGST” or “Supply meant for Export under bond without payment of IGST”.

Key Benefits

Invoices that redefine your sale closure

Your invoice can become a marketing tool if made elegantly

A well made invoice could

Increase revenue
80% up from last quarter
Increase repeat business
10 figure increase in repeat business
Bring in new leads
25% new customers onboarding
  • Employee Happiness
    Improve Sales Team Capabilities
  • Customer Happiness
    Make your customer your best ambassador
  • Business Happiness
    Make your business the best at what you document

crafted invoice

  • Customers as Endorsers42%
  • Leads and Customer Onboarding20%
  • Sales team Efficiency7%
  • Operational Traction4%
  • Repeat Business33%

How to ease your Invoicing Process

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Functional Features

  • Create invoices without registering
  • Email invoices as PDF with a beautiful subject
  • Intuitive dashboard to enable decision making
  • Invoices for all GST formats supported
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Security features such as OTP, alerts and CAPTCHA engineered

Our Offerings

Unregistered Free Workable Features

Our Unregistered User Features

  • All GST Invoicing formats such as Inter-State Invoicing (IGST), Intra-State Invoicing (CGST-SGST), Export Invoicing, Bill of Supply, Reverse Charge Mechanism, Composition Scheme
  • Can create and print any number of invoices
  • Email invoices from the print page without redirecting to any other page
  • Save invoices as PDFs
  • Maximise Customer Lifetime Value


Registered Free Workable Features

Our Registered User Features

  • Manage product, customer and company information at one place
  • Use your company brand logo in the invoices
  • Reprint invoices, download them as PDFs and email invoices as you wish
  • Dashboard driven analytics and insights that helps you make informed decisions
  • Maximise customer happiness, employee happiness
  • Maximise brand value by making your customers as brand ambassadors


Anticipated Free Upcoming Features

Awaiting User Features For You

  • "Continue with Google/Facebook" authentication
  • "Scan To Pay" in invoice printout
  • Logo editing
  • Customisable invoice background
  • Barcode integration for product billing
  • Upload historic invoice, product, customer data and gain insights/li>



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